On March 29th Tori Spelling and her family including their new addition (a baby mini goat) were at the opening party of her new antique store InvenTORI. Its amazing how many plays on her name she can come up with. Anyway, due to this little black number and a pudgier face the rumors started to fly that she was pregs again.I actually don’t think the dress is that bad, but it’s not going to do her any favors.

Then on April 29th She showed up to an Oxygen Network Party in the blue number, which didn’t do much to dispell rumors of her being preggers.

Finally last night she showed up in the long black dress at the GLAAD awards. I mean this dress reminds me of a costume on the 90’s “The Flinstones” movie adaptation. This pretty much confirms to most everyone that she’s preggers. Tori is known for her uber thin appearance, and having worn 3 dresses that don’t flaunt that, well, it does lead one to believe she’s expecting. Honestly I hope she is b/c I loved her TV show, and while I find her new wedding planning show to be eh, I do hope she continues to be a reality TV star.

:I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, what is with her boobs? I mean why doesn’t she get them redone?


Photo Credit: wenn.com, fame.com